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Our Weddings


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Ceremony  Sound & Music
● 2 mics, two speakers (QSC K12)
● Soft background music (while guests walk in)
● Bridal party walk-in music of your choice
● Bride walking in music of your choice
● Married couple walk out of venue music of your choice
Cocktail  Hour 
● One mic, One speakers (QSC K12)
● Background music (of your choice )
● Comfortable music volume  
● Live jazz trumpet player ( Optional )
● Entrance of the Bridal party  
● Entrance of important guests ( Parents etc.)
● Introduction of the Bride and Groom
● First Dance  
● Father/ Daughter dance(If applicable)
● Mother/ Son dance(If applicable)
● Speeches from the Maid of Honor and Best Man
● Soft background music of your choice (dinner)
● Music mixed from beginning to end
● Music request by guest (your choice)  
● Cake Cutting Music
● Garter/ Bouquet Toss  
● Dancing! 
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